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How To Clean Gym Equipment

As a fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience, I cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning gym equipment regularly. Maintaining clean equipment should be a top priority for any gym for the health and safety of members. Here are some professional tips on how to properly clean fitness equipment:

Always Have Disinfecting Wipes Handy

Keep disinfectant wipes close to equipment so members can easily wipe down before and after use. Stock up on enough wipes and make sure they contain antiviral ingredients proven to kill germs. Popular picks are Lysol or Clorox wipes.

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Focus On High-Traffic Areas 

Pay extra attention to parts most touched - handles, seats, grips, pads etc. These harbor the most germs so be sure to scrub thoroughly. Handle weight plates separately with care.

Spray & Wipe Down With Gym Cleaner

After the initial wipe down, spray a gym-specific antibacterial cleaner over the equipment. Avoid household cleaners. Let it sit briefly before wiping away. This ensures any lingering bacteria is eliminated. 

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Don't Forget Accessories  

Disinfect yoga mats, resistance bands, handles, belts and other accessories used as well. Use laundry machines to regularly clean things like boxing gloves that have high sweat contact. 

Check The Floors & Surfaces

Immediately clean any sweat or spills on the floor which can be a slipping hazard. Mop floor thoroughly each night when the gym is empty. Disinfect benches, racks, etc.

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Take Out & Replace Trash

Empty trash cans frequently, especially next to cardio machines. Replace trash can liners regularly. Remove used wipes, towels etc. that clutter common areas.

Set A Schedule

Designate time daily or after peak hours to thoroughly go over all equipment. Do a deep cleanse of the entire gym weekly. Schedule deep cleaning when gym is closed.

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Ask Members To Cooperate

Place signage encouraging members to wipe down equipment after use. Keep extra wipes and cleaners accessible for members to use.

By making gym cleaning a top priority and following these tips, equipment can be kept hygienic for all members to have a safe and healthy workout experience. Consistency is key.

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