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1、The factory was established in 2002, focusing on the researchand development, production.

2、Sales of rubber barbell platest has passed the ISO9001 quality standard and has a completequality control system.

3、From the storage of raw materials to theexport of finished products, each process is strictly controlled.

4、The products have passed REACH,ROSH,PAHS7P and other tests.

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  • Production Process
  • Quality inspection process

1、In 2020, the factory will be completed and put into production,

2、mainly producing barbell bar series products such as men's andwomen's Olympic bar, training bar, powerlifting and so on.

3、The factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification,

4、has now built a testing laboratorycertified by the government

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  • Production Process
  • Quality inspection process

1、Since 2014, a factory has been registered to engage in physicalproduction.

2、At present, the company has equipped modernprocessing equipment for the production of physical fitnessequipment

3、forming a complete processing production lineintegrating R&D,cutting, welding, spraying and assembly.

4、Pass the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2020,

5、buildon-site management according to the standards required bythe quality system.

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  • Production Process
  • Quality inspection process