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How Often Should Gym Equipment Be Serviced

  Whether it’s a home gym or a commercial facility you have invested good money into it and need to make sure everything is in the best working order, not to mention safe to use. Equipment takes a good beating during every workout so here are our tips to keeping everything in the best condition to keep you and/or your members engaged.

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  How to maintain gym equipment

  Whether your facility is filled with treadmills, spin bikes, step machines and ellipticals, or you just have a few pieces of equipment your clients use before their “real” workout begins, it’s important to maintain a regular maintenance schedule on all your gym’s equipment. From basic cleaning to parts replacement, there are many components to a good gym equipment maintenance schedule.


  Cleaning is the first component of every good maintenance program. Cleaning equipment regularly stops dirt and debris from damaging parts and creating unnecessary wear on the system. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and clean fitness equipment with the proper solvents and tools.


  Preventative maintenance is one of the most important aspects of any gym equipment maintenance program. When you follow the correct preventive maintenance program, you can spot problem areas early and get them repaired before they result in total equipment failure. Plus, most gym equipment warranties require proof of preventive maintenance to uphold the warranty.


  Most gyms have multiples of the same pieces of equipment, which can make tracking maintenance schedules complicated, especially if all the equipment wasn’t purchased at the same time. You can use equipment maintenance software to easily and conveniently track all your gym equipment maintenance tasks in one location.


  No matter how well you care for your equipment, it eventually needs repair. Repairing equipment is generally cheaper than replacement, and good repairs can extend the life cycle of your equipment, which helps you to get the maximum value from your investment.


  Eventually, equipment becomes so damaged or worn out that repairs no longer make sense. You might decide to replace equipment when newer models offer better features or when the repair costs begin to outweigh the value of the equipment.

  Imagine the cost if you don’t maintain your equipment.

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