By 小编 17 Aug, 2023

How does your quality compare to other companies that market made in usa?

The short answer: Very well. The (very) long answer: Let’s focus on China as an example. It’s important to understand two things: One, a country is not a factory. There are dozens of fitness equipment factories in China, so the quality from one factory to another will differ. Two, factories in China can make world class products. iPhones are made in China and are obviously high-quality products. At the same time, there are many stereotypical low-quality products made there. That variation in quality exists in fitness equipment too.

How does your quality compare to other companies that market made in usa?(图1)

The quality a company receives from a factory is only as good as what they’re willing to pay, and the standards they set and enforce. If a company in the USA imports and sells a product with substandard quality, they are ultimately the ones at fault, not the factory in China. A lot of work is involved to setup the kind of quality standards and inspections that are needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and that’s our responsibility, not the factory’s. We have a dedicated team of professionals near our factories that help to ensure exceptional quality and have spent a lot of time and effort to create standards and train staff. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but we’re always working towards that.

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