By 小编 17 Aug, 2023

Isn't there a quality difference because of better craftsmanship?

Five or ten years ago, the answer may have been yes. If Welder A was excellent, but Welder B was so-so, quality could vary greatly depending on who worked on your equipment. Now though, at any larger equipment company (including ours), your power rack or bench is no longer hand cut, hand welded, and hand painted. It’s manufactured predominantly by robotics.

Isnt there a quality difference because of better craftsmanship?(图1)

For example, a power rack is made by a robotic laser tube cutter, a robotic laser plate steel cutter, a robotic welder, and a robotic powder coating machine. With that level of automation now typical with a modern factory, the difference in quality today from even 5 years ago is huge.

There is still some hand-welding done, but it’s becoming less of a factor every year, and all the other robotics have taken over most aspects of production.

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