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Where Can I Find Cheap Gym Equipment?

Building a home gym can get expensive quickly if you aren't careful about where you get your equipment. As someone who has pieced together an entire garage gym on a budget, I've learned some great tricks for finding quality gear at affordable prices. In this post, I'll share my best tips for getting great deals on gym equipment.

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    Check Secondhand Listings

One of my go-to strategies is browsing used listings on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and garage sales. Many people buy equipment with good intentions then never use it - capitalize on their buyer's remorse! I've scored commercial-quality gear for 50-75% off retail prices. Be patient and ready to pounce when a good deal pops up.

    Look for Package Deals 

Many retailers offer package deals where you get bigger discounts for buying multiple items together. Rogue Fitness has themed packages with bars, bumpers, racks, etc already bundled. Keep an eye out for combo deals that get you more for less. You can always resell later if there's something you don't need.

    Buy the Essentials First

When budgeting, focus first on essentials like a power rack, olympic barbell, and plates. You can add specialty gear later. Buying versatile items that allow for multiple exercises also stretches your dollars further. Look for discount retailer house brands to save on commodities like weights and benches.

    DIY Options 

You don't need to buy everything new - a bit of creativity goes a long way. For example, make squat stands from wood, fill concrete into buckets for weights, and use household items for conditioning. There are lots of great DIY ideas online to help equip your home gym on a slim budget.

    Patience Pays Off

Finally, have patience. Building up your equipment inventory doesn't need to happen overnight. Make a wish list and keep hunting for deals. Sign up for retailer sales alerts and clearance sections. With persistence, you can get amazing deals and build a garage gym you can be proud of without breaking the bank.

Let me know if you need any other budget home gym tips!

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