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What Equipment Should A Commercial Gym Have?

As the proud owner of a new commercial gym, one of my top priorities is selecting the ideal equipment to create an exceptional training experience for members. With so many fitness equipment options on the market, determining the best combination for a general gym can be challenging. After extensive research, I’ve settled on the essential equipment categories and leading brands a commercial facility requires.

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Cardio Machines for Effective Aerobic Training

The cardio area is a major draw, so offering top-of-the-line machines is a must. My gym features a large selection of Precor treadmills known for their cushioned, adjustable decks that reduce joint impact. I also selected smooth, sturdy Precor Ellipticals along with reliable StairMasters for low-impact stair climbing. Having a variety caters to different members’ cardiovascular preferences.

For group cycling classes, I outfitted a dedicated Spin Room with Spinner Chrono Power bikes. Their precision flywheel technology mimics true road biking feel. To accommodate virtual classes, I invested in cycling bikes by Stages that pair seamlessly with third-party apps. Having reputable commercial brands keeps equipment performance and up-time optimized.

Strength Machines Targeting All Muscle Groups

No gym is complete without a well-equipped strength training area. I chose Matrix Fitness machines, as their structures are rock solid and can withstand members incrementally increasing their lifting capacity over time. Their wide range of equipment allows properly isolating all major muscle groups.

Must-have offerings include leg press/calf raise machines, lat pulldown stations, chest press, shoulder press, leg extension, and hamstring curl machines. I also added Matrix’s unique VersaClimber cardio climber for full body conditioning. Top brands like Matrix ensure safe techniques and efficient strength gains.

Versatile Functional Training Options 

To facilitate more dynamic training, I incorporated open functional areas with TRX suspension systems, plyo boxes, slam balls, battle ropes, and more. This allows members to do full-body circuits mixing cardio and resistance work. 

I also dedicated space for Queenax modular units where any exercise can be performed. The Queenax wall system has attachments for ropes, bands, pull-up bars, and steps to stimulate agility, coordination, and balance during functional workouts. Having equipment diversity accommodates members with varying fitness levels and goals.

Space and Features for Group Exercise Classes

Group classes are vital for member retention, so including studio spaces was a priority. I have dedicated studios for cycling, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and general group exercise. Each has equipment like yoga mats, kettlebells, plyo boxes and sound systems.

The open layouts and soundproofing allow for dynamic, equipment-intensive classes that make great use of the space. Offering specialty studios along with equipment storage caters to group exercise fans.

When designing my gym, choosing equipment to enable diverse training styles was my guiding principle. Top brands known for innovation, ergonomics and durability provide the most value over time. Although outfitting a gym requires significant upfront investment, the right equipment improves member satisfaction and retention in the long run.

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