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Who Is Modun Fitness Equipment Brand

  Qingdao Modun Industry and Trade Co. Ltd is an industrial leader manufacturing premium quality fitness equipment including weight plates, barbells, work out benches, racks, and cable cross over machines.

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  Our excellent Research and Designing team is the key to the success of our unique and patent equipment. Our products are well recognized by overseas customers as we have strict quality control system and first-class production line.

  We are ISO9001 certified, SLCP certified, FEW certified, QMS certified. All of our production lines are in accordance with the international standard and we conduct 6S management system within our internal factory. We have established Qualification inspection department with high-precision measuring tools to ensure the accuracy, durability, and consistency of our equipment.


  Our weight plates are IWF standard, made of environmentally friendly virgin rubber, free from smell, free from scratches with perfect performance and great finished hand feel.

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  Our factory is equipped with 3 large internal raw material mixer and 40 sets of high temperature vulcanization machines with annual capacity of 18, 000 tons.


  We produce international standard and commercial use quality barbells, our factory is equipped with high precision CNC lathe grinder milling machine with more than 30 sets high-precision manufacturing equipment including Japan imported FengDong intermediate frequency quenching furnace, higher temperature frequency quenching furnace which ensures a very high precision machining capability.

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  Up for now with our industry profession and industry research, we have grown to be the largest barbell manufacturer in Qingdao China.


  We manufacture Superior quality racks and benches with most competitive prices. Our factory is equipped with Advanced laser cutting machines, Robot Welding Machines, Sandblasting Duster Equipment, High-end processing equipment, Angle bender equipment, Static powder coating Automatic Painting Streamline. Customized racks, rigs and benches are always our best expertise.

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  In conclusion, Modun Fitness Equipment is a brand that is committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals through the production of high-quality, innovative, and affordable fitness equipment. Whether you're just starting out on your fitness journey or are an experienced fitness enthusiast, Modun Fitness has something to offer.

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